Growing Mr. Adam

Growing Mr. Adam

Building a great educational tool is not an easy feat and us at Mr. Adam were aware of this since day one. There are a lot of pieces of the puzzle that need to fit in so we can make the best parenting app that all parents need. We, therefore, started to look for the right resources that will help us accelerate our growth and achieve our milestones as soon as possible.


Our incubator journey

And here comes Future Makers, a competition dedicated to innovative startups that are looking to change how the tech future will look like. We’ve joined the program as we wanted to learn how we can grow Mr. Adam and where our focus should be at each step of the way. To our surprise, the learnings started right away with a series of entrepreneurial-focused workshops and some inspiring talks from industry professionals in different areas of activities.

However, being part of a learning program together with 30+ startups, operating in a different field of activity and being at various stages of activity, was both confusing and rewarding. These mixed feelings stem from the fact that everybody has different needs and problems that needed to be solved, which in turn forced us to see each of our own challenges from a different perspective. Moreover, we managed to see Mr. Adam from far away and realize the full potential we can grow the app together.

Now, being part of an incubation program brings not only educational benefits but also some tangible ones. We’ve been featured in the 2 publications (Edumanager and Globalmanager) and we have qualified for the Pitch Day where we compete for some promising prizes. We will keep you posted on that shortly.


Mr. Adam has big news

Long story short, we managed in the last couple of month of Future Makers to re-analyze what we are trying to do with the educational app called Mr. Adam and re-align our journey with the values of each member of the team. But, more on this we’ll announce soon enough!